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Looking for an Internship?

Into Tomorrow is offering a unique position to students or other interested individuals, with a drive to succeed and a will to learn. This opportunity is available to reliable, hard-working, intelligent individuals looking to boost a career in the broadcasting industry OR who have an interest in technological advances. Successful internship participants may also qualify for rewarding employment on our network team!

The weekly, network radio show, “Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” focuses on the latest in Consumer Electronics & Technology with all kinds of products and services. The show broadcasts throughout the United States and worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Networks. An Intern would be involved in the inner workings of the show and all that is involved with producing a network radio program.

(We also produce daily feature programs that you may want to learn about and assist with as well).

If you meet the following requirements please drop us an e-mail or give us a call:

» Interested in Technology

» Want to Learn About the Broadcasting Industry

» Reliable & Responsible

We are looking for interested individuals who may be either out of town or local — obviously if you are local (South Florida) it would be much easier for you to join us here in the Studio.

To schedule an interview please call Chris Graveline at 305-824-9000 x213 or e-mail