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2022 FICO Digital Trends Report

5 Trends Emerging Ahead of 2022 for Successful Digital Transformation Initiatives

For many businesses, technology has been a lifeline during the global pandemic – accelerating the need to do business online. Those who were already doing business online before the pandemic (online retail) had a head start. For many, it was a forcing function to embark on digital transformation. Enabling new ways of working and doing business, creating new customer interactions and experiences, and improving health and safety is no easy task. Financial institutions, auto lenders, and insurance companies have all pivoted towards the digital transformation with different levels of success. What has become clear is that to be successful, companies need to build a complete infrastructure that facilitate the entire customer journey.

In this segment, Dave chats with FICO’s CMO, Nikhil Behl, about some of the main insights from the latest report.

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