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Interview at IFA“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” covers what people are talking about…

4K Ultra HD TV » Tablets and Smartphones » Self-Driving cars » 3D Printing » Soundbars » DSLRs » Headphones » The Cloud » Digital Photography » HDTV » Car Navigation » High-Tech Recreation » Home Theater & Automation » The Net » Gadgets & Gizmos and so much more.

“Into Tomorrow” is an entertaining & informative glimpse of how technology is changing the way we live, work and play, today and … “Into Tomorrow”.

This will actually give your company the chance to be “on our show” — so-to-speak — every week, for the duration of your campaign — by way of very affordable 10, 30 or 60 second “promotional announcements”. Based on our past work with some of our sponsoring companies, we’ve come up with an innovative new program that’s not exactly advertising, and not purely editorial, so we’ll call it a hybrid or “advertorial” opportunity. Here’s what we mean:

Promotional Consideration

We would air YOUR “promotional consideration announcements” each week during our National Network Show (for as long a package as you chose) and we would also invite you to include on-air promotional Giveaways if you’d like, for additional mentions. The more items you can provide (or the greater the value) — the longer we can extend the on-air, web site and Tech Newsletter heavy promotion for you. We’re talking synergy here! The longer the schedule … the more you reach our very targeted audience and the longer you are kept top-of-mind with our listeners.

This is a Win Win…

Dave’s philosophy is that we have the ears and attention of a great TARGET audience and you have a great presence in the industry with what you have to offer. We realize that YOU may not be the one to generally “buy” such radio programs, but we are looking to you for support to promote this to your colleagues that do handle such promotions. If you are not the one to make such a decision from your PR budget, please direct the appropriate individual — along with a reinforcing note from you — to this info. Or, if you’re in the PR end of the biz, perhaps you have other clients that may be interested. Please let us know and we can probably work something out.

Of course there is no requirement to purchase any of this promotional airtime in order to be invited on the program. If you want to time your promo buy with the launch of a new product or special web promotion or the like, and our editorial team determines that it also has news merit, then your promo buy can be a great cross-promotional tool! Our listeners will associate you and your organization more closely with “Into Tomorrow” — on a regular basis — thereby increasing your impact and exposure whenever you do appear again on the program.

We want to be absolutely clear that what determines who appears on the show from an editorial basis is not determined by your participation in this special program. Instead, we’d like to see a larger relationship with you. We respect you and we hope to have you on the show either way.

Are YOU connecting-the-dots? We are!

“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” is the only radio show covering the exploding Consumer Electronics industry *exclusively* for over 20 years! Every day, in almost every way, the digital revolution is changing your listeners’ lives. We tell them what’s next and help advertisers! Connect with us before your competition does.

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