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Action Cameras That Cost Less Than A GoPro

Will in Haughton, Louisiana listening on NewsRadio 710 KEEL asked us about action cameras


Will asked: “I’m looking to possibly start a YouTube channel basically doing motorcycle reviews, parts reviews and different rides that me and my buddies go on. We were looking for video cameras. GoPros are prohibitively expensive for us to each get one. We were wondering what was out there that was close to the quality of the GoPro without being so expensive.”


Will, as you probably already noticed, a GoPro Hero 6 will cost you around $400. That’s without a memory card, but unlike older GoPro models, this one doesn’t require any external housing to be waterproof and it comes with a built-in screen. The Hero 6 is a 4K camera.

You’ve probably noticed that if you go for other brand names, 4K action cameras like the Garmin VIRB cost around the same.

If you’re willing to try a not-so-recognizable brand, the FitForm Action Camera 4K with 2 batteries, a travel case, and 19 accessories including a remote control and plenty of different mounting brackets will cost you $65.

If that’s too expensive too, you can look into a Campark ACT74 with several mounting accessories, 2 batteries, and a remote, which will cost you $50.

There are plenty of very inexpensive action cameras

There are plenty of very inexpensive action cameras, just make sure that if you decide to try one you buy it from a place that will accept returns because there’s no real way to tell how good a generic will be until you try it.

You can get less expensive prices on brand name cameras too if you don’t care about 4K. As those models start to get old manufacturers are lowering prices on them.

Just a note about YouTube: if you just want to share your videos and reviews, it should work just fine, but if you’re trying to make money off of doing it, keep in mind that Google will not consider you for advertising anymore unless you have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 play hours in the past 12 months. The hour count relates to how much of the video was actually watched by a viewer, meaning that if someone watches 27 seconds of a 10-minute video, that counts as 27 seconds, not 10 minutes. Making money on YouTube is harder these days for smaller creators.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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