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Amazon Prime Options With Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to tell us about the different Amazon Prime options:

Last month Amazon announced new offers that will let customers pay monthly to get either the full Amazon Prime membership, or a new video-only plan. If you think that sounds like a great deal, not so fast, says Consumer Reports. Their electronics spokesman James McQueen is here to explain.

Until recently, to get the full Amazon Prime membership—which includes free two-day shipping, plus Amazon’s video and music streaming services at no extra charge—you’d have to pay a yearly, upfront fee of $99. That breaks out to $8.25 per month.

With the new plan, you can get the full Amazon Prime membership by paying $11 per month instead of a yearly fee. But that means you’d be paying $33 more each year, with no additional benefits. The only way that makes sense is if you intend to subscribe for eight months or less—there’s no contract, so you can quit at any time—or you just can’t handle the one-time charge.

As for the Prime video-only offer, it doesn’t make much sense, either. At $9 per month, it’s cheaper than Netflix’s popular $10-per-month plan, but it’s still more expensive than a $99 annual membership to Prime. And the video-only deal doesn’t come with Prime benefits such as free shipping, free photo storage, and access to Amazon Prime Music. Taken strictly as a video service, the marginal $1-per-month savings compared to Netflix doesn’t matter much.

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For Into Tomorrow, James McQueen – Consumer Reports

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