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Are New Automotive Technologies Vulnerable Cyber Security Threats?

Digital security continues to be an issue of great concern in today’s increasingly automated and wireless world. Questions regarding the security problems, issues and concerns that could arise in the event a smart car suffers from a breach are something that vehicle owners are beginning to take notice of in larger and larger numbers. From compromised account information to equipment and components that may be damaged should an unauthorized user or malicious software gain access to the wireless systems and equipment found on today’s cars and trucks, there are numerous reasons why vehicle owners should be concerned with issues pertaining to their digital security.


Potential Vulnerabilities

Modern vehicles typically carry numerous systems, components and on-board amenities which make use of a wireless connection to the Internet. From navigational aides to entertainment systems, there are plenty of potential vulnerabilities in the software and systems of today’s vehicles which may be exploited in order to create a data breach. With smarter and more sophisticated equipment options being introduced every day and the mainstream acceptance of fully-autonomous self-driving vehicles just around the corner, Automotive-based digital security concerns are no longer an issue that drivers can afford to overlook. Failing to assess the state of their vehicle or identify any issues which may need to be addressed could lead to more serious and costly consequences than many owners might imagine.


Consequences of a Breach

The consequences of a data breach range from petty annoyances that may be of little real consequence to more serious issues like damaged equipment or even compromised identity or financial information. In the event that a smart car is hacked, the range of potential problems can be even greater with some issues even having the potential to create a safety risk. Ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained, free of any problems that may have a negative impact on performance or safety as well as taking steps to address potential digital security risks are important responsibilities that no driver can afford to overlook.


Enhancing Security

While the concept of hackers targeting a vehicle may seem strange to many drivers, ignoring the warnings about potential digital risks and hazards could prove to be a very costly misstep. Enhancing security for connected systems, appliances and vehicles is often very similar to the steps needed to protect conventional computer systems and even mobile devices from harm. Analyzing the state of all systems and software as well as seeking out and utilizing available software patches and upgrades that could make a difference can go a long way towards ensuring vehicle owners are able to decrease their risk of a breach.


Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicle

Vehicles that have been designed to operate without a driver behind the wheel raise some very serious questions regarding the potential harm that a breach may cause. More frequent instances of minor errors, vehicle failure and even more serious accidents and collisions may all be possible in the event that manufacturers and owners to not take proper steps in order to address underlying security concerns. Auto insurance laws in most states may soon be updated in order to reflect concerns related to digital security and a full software scan and assessment may soon become a part of regular vehicle safety inspections.


Future Trends and Emerging Technology

Having more sophisticated vehicles and greater mainstream acceptance of smart vehicles means that there are several important changes that may be just over the horizon. New technologies always have the potential to create new problems, especially for those who fail to take steps in order to better protect themselves. Those who already own a smart car and prospective buyers who may be in the market for their next vehicle would be wise to learn a little more about the potential security problems, solutions and the many changes that smart vehicles will be responsible for throughout the automotive industry within the next few years.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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