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Bike Helmets Are Getting Smart At IFA

LIVEALL is introducing a smart helmet to keep bikers safe

LIVALL Bling Helmet Back

The Bling Helmet seeks to keep bikers safe and communicated

The LIVALL helmet features a windproof bluetooth microphone, turn signals, a 3 axis sensor to detect falls, and several Christmas trees worth of LED lights to make users visible, and can work with a cadence calculator to help the wearer keep pace.

Besides performing common phone functions, the helmet can act as a walkie talkie and connect wearers for free.

A big selling point for solo cyclists may be a feature that detects a fall and if the user has not gotten up within 60 seconds it sends out a distress call to get the fallen biker help.

Indiegogo project

The Bling helmet is an Indiegogo project. We’re usually skeptical of crowdsourced projects since most of them disappear, funded or otherwise, but since this one is at over 800% of the funding goal we think it has a good chance of seeing the light of day.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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