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Bluetooth Headphones For An iPhone

Rich in Purcellville, Virginia asked us about headphones for his iPhone

BiGR headphones© by BiGR

Rich asked: “I have a new iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. Wondering if you could recommend any wireless earphones I could use with it. I’m aware of the Airpods, but they just don’t fit and they fall out easily. Hoping you could recommend something that is less expensive than the Airpods and that stay in better.”


Any bluetooth wireless headphones will work with the iPhone 7. Like a pair of pants, the “best” headphones for you will be a matter of personal taste and style, as well as (as you’ve already experienced) personal physiology.

The Apple owned Beats brand of headphones may interest you, as they feature models in a more traditional over-ear form factor, as well as in-ear. One key benefit to going with Beats is they have at their core the Apple designed W1 chip, which will give you all the same cool features and superior sound quality of the Apple Airpods. Expect to pay a premium price, as with all things Apple, anywhere between $149 and $349 depending on the model.

We suggest you visit your prefered electronics store and try out the array of bluetooth headphones on display yourself. Again, we could suggest brands and models, but it’s ultimately up to your ears to decide which is best. Just rest assured that if it’s bluetooth, it’ll work with your phone.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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