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Changing The Default Search Engine On A Computer

Anthony in Alberta Canada asked us about changing the search engine on his laptop


Anthony asked: “I have an Aspire e-15 laptop. The dedicated search engine seems to be Bing and I’d like top put Google as my primary search engine. Is there a way to go into settings or is this something that is embedded and they paid for it to be this way. I have to use for the Bing at all.”


Anthony, the Aspire E-15 runs Windows 10, which means that in some way you can change the default web browser, and in other ways you cannot.

Windows 10 integrates with Bing at operating system level to do searches on Cortana and to pull internet results on general searches. You won’t really be able to change that. There’s no way for you to tell Windows “from now on have Cortana get her data from Google.”

You can change the default search engine on your browsers. Since you’re asking for help to move away from Bing, we suspect you’re using Edge.

To change the settings on Edge, click on the three dots on the upper right and go to settings. Next, click “view advanced settings”, and then “change search engine.” Note that you’ll have to have visited google dot com at least once before it will appear on this list! 

If you happen to be using Firefox, you’ll want to go to settings and scroll down to “Search” to change your default search engine.

If you’re using Chrome, well, how is Google not your default? Well, if somehow it’s not you can also change it by going into the settings and finding the search section.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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