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Comparing AT&T GoPhone Plans

Dale in Princeton, Louisiana listening on 710 KEEL asked us about AT&T Plans

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Dale asked: “Interested in AT&T Go Phone data plans. I’m on 8GB now, but they’re offering 22GB of a slower speed and I’m interested in a comparison.”


Dale, AT&T 22GB plan is actually their new unlimited GoPhone plan, and it’s not of a slower speed, it’s full LTE for the first 22GBs, after that it’s unlimited at 128 kbps. Meaning you won’t get charged anything extra, but you’ll also have a connection that would’ve felt slow 10 years ago.

The plan you have now probably stops your data access at 8GBs.

In terms of speed, you’re looking at the same, it shouldn’t be slower, but you’d get an extra 14GB of LTE speed, and you’d have unlimited but very slow data after that.

The 22GB plan costs $60/month. if you need less fast speed data. AT&T does offer a 6GB plan with a hard limit at 6GB and no slow data after that for $40.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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