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Finding An HDRadio

Kris in Austin, Texas asked us about HD Radios

HD Radio

Kris asked: “A couple weeks ago, you mentioned the Insignia HD Narrator. Best Buy doesn’t have it. Who else would have that HD Radio and carry Insignia products that I can find. i would love to check out HD Radio stations again, but I can’t find a good portable HD Radio right now.”


Kris, HD radios can be a little bit hard to find sometimes, especially because some models are available at some retailers, but not others.

Your best best is probably look at, at the upper right you’ll find a link that says “get a radio” and that will link to a full page of products, and each product lists the retailers that carry it.

You will notice that most of the products are actually car radios. That’s the segment that HD radios seems to have found some success in. You will find fewer home products, but they are out there.

While you’re on you can also have a look at the HD-enabled stations in your area and see what kind of content you can expect from your local stations.

Given that you live in a city with plenty of stations you will probably get a good list of extra content airing on HD channels.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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