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Fixing A Netbook’s Screen

Michael in St. Joseph, Michigan wants to know how to get his computer working again

Asus Eee 701

Michael asked: I have an Asus Netbook, X205T. Got it on Black Friday, then suddenly the screen stopped working. The unit powers up, but nothing comes up on the screen. Not sure if it’s a known issue with netbooks and maybe you can offer in idea how to resolve it.


Netbooks are less powerful and, therefore, less expensive laptops, but they shouldn’t be any more prone to screen failures than other laptops.

If you bought it in November, it has to still be under some sort of warranty, it’s not even six months old yet. Call either ASUS or the store you bought it from and tell them that the screen died.

An entire ASUS X205T can be bought for under $190

To be honest, if it can’t be replaced under warranty, it’s probably a total loss… an entire ASUS X205T can be bought for under $190, back when you bought it, Staples had it on sale for $99, replacing the screen itself won’t be much cheaper than that.

Again though, there’s no way this computer won’t be under some kind of warranty and ASUS is typically a reliable brand, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting it fixed or replaced, and if it boots up, the drive and your information are probably safe too, so you shouldn’t lose anything but some time.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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