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Health Tech: Amazon Care Telehealth Will Be Shut Down

Telehealth services have really taken off since the start of the pandemic. That makes it surprising that a major player is shutting down its program.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated a lot of changes in our healthcare systems. One particular area – telehealth – has become popular with patients for its convenience and efficiency. That’s why it is a bit of a head-scratcher to learn that Amazon has decided to shut down its innovative Amazon Care service by the end of the year. When it launched three years ago for Amazon employees in some limited markets, it included virtual visits with healthcare professionals. It then expanded to the public, and Amazon even announced major expansion of the program earlier this year. Apparently, the company was not able to sign up enough enterprise customers for the service. Amazon is not giving up on healthcare, however. In addition to other projects, it recently bought a telehealth service with nearly 200 clinics around the country.

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Written by Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor is an "Into Tomorrow" Contributing Correspondent, health tech speaker, writer and the founding Editor of Health Tech Insider: a website and industry newsletter that covers wearable and mobile technology for health and medical applications. With more than 2,400 articles published on the site, he has a broad perspective of where the global industry stands today and where it’s headed... Into Tomorrow.

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