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Health Tech: Get Rewarded for Walking

Let’s face it; most of us could benefit from a little more exercise. What would it take to get you to go outside for a walk?

Good health should be its own benefit, but sometimes we need a little more motivation than that to get us up and exercising. You can now sign up for a program called WeWard that will actually reward you for exercising. It uses an app that can gather data from most smartphones, smart watches, and fitness trackers. It can track how often you walk, how far, and where you go. You earn points that you can exchange for cash, gifts, or discounts on products, or you can choose to make a charitable donation. The program is funded by sponsoring business partners, so it costs nothing to participate. The app does not yet have individualized goals, but the company is working to add that feature, as well as increase some of the gamification aspects. A program like this might be all that you need to get your walking program in gear.

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Written by Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor is an "Into Tomorrow" Contributing Correspondent, health tech speaker, writer and the founding Editor of Health Tech Insider: a website and industry newsletter that covers wearable and mobile technology for health and medical applications. With more than 2,400 articles published on the site, he has a broad perspective of where the global industry stands today and where it’s headed... Into Tomorrow.

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