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How cloud computing is changing everything

Enterprises are slowly moving their applications to the cloud despite fears about security and reliability. This move will change the way these companies operate in profound ways. Cloud technology has not only revolutionized storage but also changed the way we deliver customer service.

In 2016 and beyond, enterprises will continue to embrace the cloud technology as the world recognizes the potential benefits associated with it. However, businesses need to ensure they incorporate a careful planning into their projects to reduce any chance of encountering additional challenges. Companies should deploy cloud technologies not only to stay competitive but also to stay ahead of their rivals.



Customer-Wide Customer Service.

The growing need to deliver an exceptional customer service and data analytics has put the focus not only in the contact center but also on the customer-centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the organization. For instance, advanced analytics has enabled businesses to measure customer centricity.

Regardless of the department within an organization, be it front line customer service, sales, back office, legal, management, and finance – every employee should embrace good customer service including empathy and can be held accountable against the KPIs that are both actionable and accessible by everyone in the organization.


Organized Customer Feedback.

The traditional methods such as surveys, hunches, and anecdotal evidence are not the only method businesses can understand what customers’ need. The latest Cloud CRM systems integrated with social media platforms and Big Data are helping business to give feedback in an organized way, and regarding particular customer needs to boost customer service.

The data gathered from customer relationship management systems is important to make product improvements, create a seamless experience, and streamline process to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Predictive Care.

The recent trend in customer care is fixing problems fast enough before it causes issues in the market. Advances in analytics and internet-of-things have made it possible for businesses to solve customer-related issues before they know about them. This ability is probably the biggest customer care revolution brought by cloud technology.

Cloud technology helps business to analyze data and view predictive statistics to ensure they forecast things like propensity to buy and customer churn. Making good products and services are not enough without good customer care.


Cyborg Customer Care.

The customer service of today can anchors on interactive voice and artificial intelligence linked with live interactions between the clients and agents for many leading service organizations. Artificial intelligence is providing a cost-effective way to interact with customers using the cloud technology and simple questions.

Customer support is delivered through live support when robot query is overwhelmed. Since the human side is still important to improve and maintain relationships with clients, the challenge is that technology alone cannot do this.


Know Your Customer Through Customer Data.

One of the main achievements of cloud technology is the ability to gather more data and better analysis with available platforms. Businesses of today can now deliver better customer service generated from informed decision making.

Therefore, every decision and every customer interaction is important and should be well integrated with the respective customer data. Cloud technology has enabled Big Data to be used in the contact centers to predict accurately customer needs. This move is meant to speed up the service as well as enhance the service quality offered.


Advanced Self-service.

Anecdotal evidence shows that many customers would prefer handling problems on their own first. Using the data stored in the cloud, customers can access relevant information from the cloud using their mobile phones and access self-service options.

Businesses provide the self-service options to help them create, identify, review, publish and maintain the content. Human nature doesn’t change, but technology has always evolved to make things better.


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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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