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How To Finance An Apple Watch

Ellie in Waianae, Hawaii asked us about financing an Apple Watch

Ellie asked: “Apple Watch – I’m looking for a stainless steel version. I’m allergic to the aluminum. My phone company doesn’t do the thing where you can pay for it monthly. Is there any company that does such a thing. I would like to purchase one. Mahalo.”


Ellie, Apple actually does that.

When you buy directly from them, they will let you finance the purchase. They will not charge you interest if you pay the product in full within what they call the “promotional term.” The maximum term depends on the value of the product you’re buying, in the case of an Apple Watch, it’s likely that you’ll be able to finance for up to a year. The trick here is that you need to get a Barclays card.

BestBuy also sells the Apple Watch and will finance your purchase, the same goes for Amazon, they both also have no interest offers, but again, you may need to take out a credit card with them.

As for the stainless steel, Apple makes models of the Apple Watch 2 with both stainless steel bodies and leather bands, or complete stainless steel in both body and band, so you should be all set on that account.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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