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Is There An Easy Way To Download All Of Your Facebook Albums?

Donald in Los Angeles, California listens online and asked us about downloading his Facebook albums

Facebook Photos

Donald asked: “Is there a way to take all the photos that I’ve uploaded to facebook and download them all to my computer? Is there a way to do that officially through Facebook, or if not, an unofficial way that someone has come up with?”


Donald, you can download a copy straight from Facebook’s settings and under General click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”


That will download everything, not just your photos, but all of your Facebook activity.

If that’s too much for you, you can always create an IFTTT recipe to download the pictures for you, or use a service like Odrive to sync them to your computer.

Keep in mind that Facebook may have stored your pictures in a lower resolution

Keep in mind that Facebook may have stored your pictures in a lower resolution to save storage space, so you may not be getting back full resolution images.

If you use Chrome look into an extension called Download FB Album Mod, it can take care of the download for you very easily.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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