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Navigating Prom With Tech …

It’s that special time of year where many High school students are thinking about Prom. Knowing what to plan for is one of the most important details and many can navigate Prom using their tech.

Many sites have great tips and information.

Mobile Apps are also available that can help with everything including costs, etiquette, checklists to make sure every details is covered and what to wear.

Most attendees of the special night are there as couples but before they agree to go, Promposals are in order. Popular teen sites as well as social media outlets have some super cute ideas to share.  

For an awesome outfit there are many resources available including some of your favorite department stores and online shops where you can order a special outfit right to your door.

Don’t forget safety while having your fun, take a visit to the CDC or Safe for some great tips.

Wishing our young friends a safe and fantastic Prom!

Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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