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Scary Tech …

Halloween is upon us and many are enjoying the art of scaring or being scared.

With Tech these days you can head online and be scared right from your desk!

There are many virtual haunted houses you can visit like The Cromwell Mansion  which lets you click your way through the haunted house complete with sound effects, spiders, ghosts and more. The Hood Mansion  is also accepting online visitors to their house where you can find hundreds of rooms, trap doors, ghosts and many other spooky things.

Halloween is Here  is another cool site with a creepy virtual walk-through and fun games and activities. And  by visiting the creepy site Fright Bytes, you can not only be scared with their virtual haunted house, Halloween graphics and more but your donations to the site actually help shelter animals! Other than haunted houses online, you can look up scary videos and pop ups that will surely satisfy your need to scare or be scared. There are a few available at Scary for Kids and Maniac World.

Kids can play lots of Halloween games online and popular site Primary Games lets you can destroy pumpkins, tour a haunted house with Scooby Doo, decorate your own virtual pumpkin and more. Agame also has a haunted house that you can tour with your own costumed player.

If you’re looking for actual haunted houses to visit in person, check out Haunted House Online   for listings of some of the best houses across the US like The Knightmare Haunted House near UCF or Blood Manor in NY.

Happy Spooking!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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