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Selling Your Home with Tech

If you were ever thinking of selling your home and making a change, now is one of the best times to do so with home sale prices through the roof!

Using your tech is a great way to help simplify that process for you and save you money.

Since the inventory of available homes seems to be less than the number of families wanting to buy them, it’s made it easier for home sellers to get the most out of their home. 

Smartphones are outfitted with amazing cameras that provide excellent pictures and video to be able to post your home for sale on various online sources. 

Post your informative pictures and videos on your own social media as well as local sports, community, parent and other neighborhood groups.

There are so many additional places you can share your information, just do a search for what meets your criteria and share.

This is a great way to be able to have many people virtually inside your home therefore not disrupting your everyday life with multiple people in and out.

If you are wanting to use a realtor you can search and interview for one right from the comfort of your own home.

Tech can help you send and receive documents and photos since most smartphones are able to scan and share documents.

Video calls are also helping to connect parties to important meetings while not having to gather in an office.

Using your local social media pages and groups is a fantastic way to gather information from peers as to who works well in your area along with information on  who doesn’t work well. You can also check out their work online and see what houses they are currently and have recently sold as well as any other important information you may want to know on your realtor.

Realtors also use your information to share with potential buyers both locally and out of state to get you the best deal.

These buyers can tour multiple homes and even purchase one without ever stepping foot inside until they have found where they’d like to settle. The more information you can share the better chance they settle in yours!

This is also a great tool if you are needing to find a new home as well!

As with any online transactions, be sure you are using trusted sites when giving your personal information and use caution with companies you haven’t heard of.

Good luck and while you’re online, stop by and download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and keep up to date on great tech for your new home!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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