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Smartphones And Environmental Sustainability


Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to talk about sustainable smartphones for environmentally conscious consumers:

Smartphones face a bit of a challenge when it comes to environmental sustainability, given their heavy reliance on such potentially toxic materials as lead. That may lead one to believe that a sustainable smartphone may not be in the cards for environmentally conscious consumers. But that’s not true, so says Consumer Reports. Their electronics spokesman James McQueen is here to explain.

It’s actually pretty easy to cut your phone’s environmental impact in half—simply by using it twice as long. Here are some features can extend the life of your smartphone.

Carrier mobility. As our most recent cell-service survey shows, more people than ever are willing to switch cell providers, even the ones they’ve been with for a long time, to take advantage of better prices or service. Unfortunately, such moves often mean having to replace the phone you already have for one that’s compatible with a new provider’s network. But a growing number of phones in our Ratings come with the radios and other hardware necessary for handling the voice and high-speed LTE data services of various cell providers, including the major ones.

Replaceable battery. It’s just a matter of time—and the physics behind battery design — before the smartphone you love begins to drain too fast. But if you buy a phone with a user-replaceable battery, you can swap in a new one for as little as $20 to $30. No need for an expensive warranty repair or replacement.

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For Into Tomorrow, James McQueen – Consumer Reports

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Written by Dave Graveline

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