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Traffic App Recommendations For A Long Distance Courier

Mark in Nashville, Tennessee asked us about traffic apps for couriers


Mark asked: “I wanted to know if you could recommend a traffic app. I’m a courier. I travel between Tennessee and Georgia. Any good recommendation would be appreciated.”


Mark, for professional driving your best bet are still pro-level GPS devices. Having said that there are a couple of apps that you can try.

If you’re just concerned with traffic and nothing else you can try regular GPS apps, Waze has a lot of fans since it allows users to send real time reports. That means you get alert about road hazards, speed traps, traffic jams, and more from real people on the road.

If you want to try something made for pros, Trucker Path is popular with drivers. Trucker Path is free and it includes diesel prices, truck stop locations, weigh stations, and real time parking spot availability.

Waze is probably the best bet for live alerts to road problems.

Trucker Path is available for both iOS and Android.

Co-Pilot Truck is a well regarded GPS app focused on truckers and their routes, but it’s not free. You can try it for 14 days if you have an Android device, but after that it will cost you a subscription fee.

However, as we said, Waze is probably the best bet for live alerts to road problems. It’s owned by Google now and is therefore extremely popular. And having a lot of people running the app and reporting issues is the key to having lots of accurate, up to date information.

Waze includes navigation features but those aren’t really its strong suit. What’s good about Waze is the crowdsourced traffic reports.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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