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Weekend of August 3, 2018 – Hour 1

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss MoviePass’ rough patch, Elon Musk’s refusal to help, Facebook shutting down fake profiles and pages, a JPay vulnerability, Apple news, Google’s grammar help, and more.

Our guest this hour:

Keith Errey, CEO – Isansys

Joe in Durham, North Carolina listens on 680 WPTF asked: “My wife and I were taking a trip this week and her cell phone began to ring. We have a Nissan Sentra that I know has Bluetooth capability, so I had my wife press the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel. We received a machine message through the speakers saying that no bluetooth devices have been setup with the vehicle. We have a phone that is Bluetooth capable, but it is not a Smartphone. It is a regular old flip phone. How would we set this phone up so we can use it without having to take it out of my wife’s purse, by pressing the button on the steering wheel?”


Joe, as with any Bluetooth device, you will have to pair it before you can use it. Pairing your phone to your car shouldn’t be too hard.

First you want to find Bluetooth in your phone’s settings. Your car’s radio should also have bluetooth settings somewhere in the settings. That varies by model and by the specific audio setup the car has. Some have navigation, some have an LCD radio, some have something in between.

Once you find the Bluetooth settings, there should be an option to connect a Bluetooth device. From there, it will tell you what name to look for on your phone, it will probably be something either related to the car’s model, or it’s radio’s model.

Connect to it from the phone’s Bluetooth menu, there may be a code you need to type in to confirm that you want to connect those specific devices.

That should be it, from that point forward your phone will connect automatically and that button on the steering wheel should work the same way your wife tried to use it.

Carolyn in Clarksville, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk Mississippi and asked: “I have an Android. I don’t know if it’s too old or what. But it’s always messing up, like it’s getting too hot or something and I don’t know if I need a new battery or what.”


Carolyn, you might want to keep an eye on that battery if it is overheating.

Batteries don’t handle excess heat very well and it could start swelling up soon. If it does, you could have a Samsung Note 7 situation in your hands.

Batteries don’t handle excess heat very well

The phone getting too hot can have other causes though, excessive processor usage is what normally heats up a phone.  Check under your settings and see if there’s an app responsible for eating up most of your battery life. If that’s the case, you may have a rouge app that you need to get rid of.

If it’s the operating system itself, you may benefit from restoring to factory settings instead.

The main sign that you need a new battery would be that either it’s changing shapes, or it doesn’t last a very long time. Keep an eye for both of those, especially the battery swelling up, since that can be dangerous.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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