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Weekend of August 5, 2022 – Hour 1

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss the VW ID.4, Russia and the ISS, Starlink’s next generation, the Moto event cancellation, satellite radio and the car market, Charter Communications $7B problem, the TikTok Music Service, Meta and the Metaverse, EV charging, and more.

Phillip in Louisiana listens on 710 KEEL and asked: “I’m trying to figure out about getting a new television. Do I get a smart TV? Is it still LED? Is it 4K? I play video games and watch streaming. What TV – and I don’t want anything real big. Like a 42-48 inch. Something like that. What would be the best TV for me?”

Phillip, smart TVs are pretty much useless. Youll get better performance and longer support from standalone streaming set top boxes or sticks.

Unfortunately, that doesnt matter because TV manufacturers realized that they can flood you with ads on a smart TV, so smart is not really an option anymore. It will have to be smart its all thats out there anymore.

If you play video games, then 4K is a good move, as is a high refresh rate.

You buy a 48 inch OLED evo C2 Series for around $1400, which will have very good image quality, great contrast, and great refresh rate.

For much less, at about $400, you can find VIZIO Class M6 Series OLED screens which should also offer great quality and refresh rate, but keep in mind that VIZIO thinks of itself as a glorified ad company, so expect them to both show you ads on-screen and sell your data.

Back on the other end of the cost spectrum, at about $1200,you can find a Samsung 43 inch Neo QLED 4K QN90B Series that wont have an OLED screen but will likely be of better overall quality than the VIZIO and while Samsung will likely still try to sell your data, its at least not their core business model.

John in Decatur, Alabama listens Online and asked: “I’d like some information on a web camera for Windows 11. My last camera was not compatible.”

John, most cameras should be compatible but you may need to update your drivers.

The trusty Logitech C920 is still a good option for about $70. Its a 1080p camera, no 4K, but it has a good microphone, good opticals, its been around for a long time, and its used in business settings, which likely means it will be supported for a while longer.

If youre interested in a wide angle camera to fit more people into the picture, Anker sells the C300 for about $140. It is also a 1080p camera.

If you want a 4K camera, you can look at the Logitech Brio Stream, it can be had for about $150. If you look at this camera for the 4K capabilities, make sure you dont get the Logitech Brio (without Stream in the name), that one is only 1080p as well.

Unless youre streaming on YouTube, Twitch, or any other live streaming service, you can probably skip 4K but it all depends on your use case.

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