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Weekend of December 17, 2021 – Hour 2

Cyber Monday Pubg Nvidia Gaming  - nanadua11 / Pixabay© by nanadua11

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss iOS 15 and legacy contacts, graphics cards being stolen from stores, Instagram Threads shutting down, Spotify and user blocking, Tesla’s Cyberquad, and more.

Karen in Kennewick, Washington listens Online and asked: “My daughter asked me for a Nintendo Switch for her Christmas present. When I started searching for the different stores to see who has them and what prices we were talking about, most places were out of stock. I understand that there is quite a bit of demand, and that’s compounding the current supply chain issues. What are your thoughts? Have I missed the window to get her a Switch for Christmas? Would I be better off shelving her request until sometime in the new year, after the supply chain issues have been ironed out?”

Karen, it doesnt look like youre too late.

In fact, as of this recording the Switch is available for purchase at Walmart and on Amazon.

Keep a close eye on shipping times, some will arrive after Christmas and that will become more common as they days go by.

There arent many still out there, but you may still get lucky if you try. It may take a good deal of trying, but its still not impossible, just hard.

No one short of Nintendo and retailers really knows what to expect but they are bound to become harder to find as we get closer to Christmas, so planning for a backup would be smart.

In terms of prices, youre looking at $300 to $400 roughly depending on model and who you buy from.

Walter from Everywhere, USA listens on the radio asked: “Great show guys, I listen to you every sunday at work. My parents live very rural, as in cellular is almost useless. About a year ago I purchased an amplifier just barely did the job with the help of an old 12′ aluminum satellite dish pointed at the only tower in the area which was about 8 miles on the other side of the mountain. They don’t want satelite so what would you suggest for a stronger cellular signal. Also, what are your thoughts on Brave browser?”

Walter, you cant really repeat or boost what isnt there so you probably only have two options.

First you could try a booster with a bigger, better antenna or even change the placement of your current one to a location with better cell reception.

If there isnt a place with better reception or a better antenna doesnt help, then youre probably looking at plugging in your own tower.

That can happen in two ways, but they will require internet service:

1) They can just set their phone to WiFi calling which most carrier support and their incoming and outgoing calls will automatically be routed through their internet connection for free.

2) This is less common nowadays because of the cheaper and easier WiFi solution, but you may still be able to get them a picocell device that they can plug into their router and to power. A device like that will act as a mini cellphone tower and give their phone regular cellphone service.

That option is harder to find these days and it needs to come from their service provider, but it may be worth giving your carrier a call to see if it can be done.

Now for your other question The Brave browser is getting more popular, but its been a little scammy so far. The engine behind it is Chromium, so it should perform the same as Chrome and Edge, but theyve been caught changing URL to include their referral codes to make money from users purchases. Theyve also done some shady things with cryptocurrency.

If you want to use it, it should be relatively safe, but their promises about privacy disappear when they stand to make money, and without he privacy angle theyre just a regular Chromium browser.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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