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Weekend of June 10, 2022 – Hour 2

Smartphone Phone Oneplus Technology  - MBatty / Pixabay© by MBatty

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss more Twitter purchase drama, Apple WWDC news, the Phone One, Amazon’s program for high-demand products, a mathematical Guinness World Record, and more.

Yolanda in Guam listens on K57 KGUM and asked: “I’m calling to help my sister. She’s been having problems with her WhatsApp. She says it expires, and I don’t seem to have the problem here. I have a Samsung. Hers is an Apple SE. She’s technology challenged and I’d like to be able to help her get her WhatsApp back on because that’s how we communicate. We’re in Guam. She’s in California. Thank you.”

Yolanda, weve seen two versions of this message, a benign one and a malicious one.

The benign one is just a this version of WhatsApp has expired encouraging you to upgrade.

Upgrading is important because an expired version means the potential for security vulnerability exploits. Basically, someone could take advantage of an known security vulnerability to try to gain access to your sisters account and read her messages, if such a vulnerability is found to exist.

The malicious one is just a regular literal scam in which someone will pretend theyre from WhatsApp, Meta, or Facebook and say your subscription is expiring in so many days and will try to get money out of the user to extend the subscription.

WhatsApp is free worldwide, you pay Meta with your privacy, not your money, and those messages are always, 100% of the time a scam. If thats the one shes getting she should block the sender and ignore any other ones she gets.

One other possibility, is that she could have disappearing messages turned on. To check that, shed need to open a WhatsApp chat – in this case, the chat with YOU – click on your name at the top, which will bring up your information. Theres an option there for Disappearing Messages. She should make sure that is set to off. If its on, any message from you will disappear (or expire) after the selected time duration.

Jeff in Rockwell City, Iowa – participating with the App and asked: “I have a computer with Windows 10 Home Premium. I keep getting a blue screen of death “IRQ less than or not equal to” that involves a RAID driver, even though I am not running a RAID. Any ideas on how I can fix this?”

Jeff, unfortunately there are many reasons why this warning could be popping up and most of them are not good.

The less problematic reason is the driver itself being a problem, if there is an update for it, update it and cross your fingers. Maybe that really is all there is to it and it has some other uses outside of RAID setups.

The error can also be caused by corrupted system files sometimes due to faulty installs. Thats trickier but still manageable if you dont mind using the PowerShell (which you may have to download first).

Once you have it ready to run, the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth should try to fix corrupted system files. Your success may vary. And dont worry, well have all of this in the show notes at

If that doesnt work, things get a little worse, it may be a hardware issue. You can try to diagnose it by going to either the PowerShell or the Run box and running perfmon /rel.

If that finds broken hardware, unfortunately, the solution is to replace it, the cost of replacing it will vary depending on which part is failing.

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