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Weekend of October 9, 2020 – Hour 1

Solar Energy Solar Panels  - fietzfotos / Pixabay

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss social media companies removing post wishing for the President’s death, NextEra Energy becoming more valuable than Exxon, Apple clearing their stores of future competitors, Atlanta santizing stadium using drones, McAffee’s tax issues, and more.

Laura in Shreveport, Louisiana listens on 710 KEEL and is calling via the App and asked: “My husband recently retired and we have taken to our motor home to explore the country. I homeschool our youngest child and we use the Internet for research and basically as a library. We’re wondering what our best and least expensive option is for reliable Internet. Most of the time when we camp, it’s not at a campground that has Wi-Fi. Typically we camp in the wilderness on public land where no Wi-Fi is available. What do you think our best option might be?”

Laura, your options wont be too great, especially if you’re relying on streaming media and not just digital books.

Normally we would recommend a WiFi antenna that would help you pick up the campsites WiFi but since thats not an option all you really have left are cell signal solutions.

That means that you can share your phones hotspot signal or you can get a standalone hotspot.

Either option will generally work as long as theres a signal in the area and as long as that signal is strong enough to be used reliably.

Since you mentioned camping on public land thats not a given. Whenever possible, try to stay closer to highways. The noise will be a pain but you will have a signal.

One thing that may help get you around the signal issues is getting a separate hotspot from a different provider than your main cell phone (so that you have two options when it comes to deciding which to use), and getting a signal booster.

There are some like the WeBoost X RV or the SureCall Fusion2Go RV that are made for campers, will typically take power from a 12v outlet, and will improve your signal.

John in Montgomery, Alabama listens to the Podcast and asked: “I just bought a Hyundai Accent and it has a six speaker setup in it right now. What type of audio speakers do you recommend for that type of setup?”

John, wed probably vote for leaving the ones that came with it alone, but if you want to replace them keep in mind that the downside of having more speakers is having more cost to replace them all.

Any of the major manufacturers like Alpine, JVC, Pyle and more have multiple lines, some for hard core audiophiles and some for budget shoppers.

Wed recommend that you first decide on your budget. The truth is that if you spend two or three thousand dollars on a high end set of speakers, almost no one will pay you an extra penny for the car because you put them in when it comes time to sell it.

Once you decide on your price, you should be able to narrow down your options.

Generally speaking, have a look at the Alpine SPS 610C speakers, JBL GTO628s and JVC CS J620s, theyre all well reviewed, but budget and personal taste will account for more than reviews.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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