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What The Tech Does That Mean?  

A new school year brings new studies and new questions. With the Internet being available to students, there are many places to look for answers.

  Search engines like Google,  Yahoo,  Bing and Dogpile. give you many options with links to certain topics you are looking for.   

search is a great resource for not only the correct pronunciation and spelling of words but also for extras like the Word of the Day and crossword puzzles which keep the brain healthy.

Merriam Webster  is another fantastic place to look for word definitions and spelling as well as quizzes, frequently looked up words, trends and more.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive explanation try an online Encyclopedia or Britannica  which will give explanations, videos, facts, pictures and much more. Most of the dictionaries and encyclopedias also offer mobile Apps so you can always access the info. you need.

There are even sites that can help you in a particular field of study including Math Words and Math is Fun which will give you meanings for just about every math term out there.

If you need information on converting measurements and their equivalents take a peek at Online Conversion or Convert-me which both have easy tools to calculate the measurements you need.

  For times when we need to find out what something means in a different language, Google and Free Translation are quick and easy tools to use.   

Mobile Apps are also available including Speak & Translate which allows you to speak into your device and translate to many different languages.

And if you need someone to translate your tech, stop by and visit with us “Into Tomorrow” or download our FREE APP and ASK DAVE!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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