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WITW Does That Say?

People these days communicate mostly with their tech. Whether it be texting, chatting, Facebook or other online sources, abbreviations are most always used to save time.

If you receive a message and not sure what all of it means you can look to No Slang to enter the text and it will translate it for you, in addition to having a complete list of terms.

You can find text message abbreviations at places like Txt and Netlingo.  Tech Dictionary  lists the most common chat abbreviations and like most they are in alphabetical order for easier reference.

slang 2

  People with kids may like the definitions available from Safe Surfing Kids  and Internet  for some of the most popular slang terms their kids and teens are using.   

Slang Hub is another good place to give you the information you need to understand your texts.

And while some don’t update as often, there are a few cool Apps available that will decode your text. Check out TextEd  and Slang Book.

have some fun and LOL.

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