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College Help

Many recent high school graduates are heading to college and checking online can help lots with your preparations. 

Most every school offers online resources to not only showcase their academic programs but give you a glimpse into a classroom, lecture hall, labs, eating establishments, activities and sports just by clicking links on their site. 

You can also visit different departments within the school like financial aid, counselors, attendance and any other department you need all online.

Signing up for online classes is a way to get ahead on your own schedule as well as not having to leave home to get those credits.

Visiting the bookstore online is a great way to save time and be filled with school spirit by ordering items to be delivered right to your door.

Another awesome tool online is the ability to see what dorm rooms look like before you even get there. You can even study things like fire escapes, laundry facilities, vending and other helpful tools to make your new environment more comfortable prior to inhabiting it.

Many will be dealing with roommates for the first time and private social media pages for each school are set-up so you can get to know your roommates before you are sharing your space with them. 

Additionally, visit the local law enforcement for some safety tips around your new home.

All of these tools can be accessed from the comfort of your current home on your favorite online device.

Wishing all of our friends safe and amazing college experiences and don’t forget to educate yourself on the latest in consumer tech with us!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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