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5 Wearables That Aren’t for Your Wrist in 2016


From the Apple Watch to the Microsoft Band 2, technology equipment for your wrist is on a rise. But what about technology wearables that are not for the wrist? In other words, are there any technology-advanced devices out there that can go around any other parts of your body that have similar uses to the wrist wearables? You may be excited to learn that the answer is a huge “Yes!” And as luck has it, here are five of those non-wrist technical items.

#1: Sensoria Fitness’ Athletic Gear

Sensoria Fitness’ smart t-shirts are beneficial for those runners, cyclists, and training athletes who regularly journey alone, as an active lifestyle opens doors to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Fortunately, these shirts were made to monitor and warn against signs of cardiac arrest. These shirts come with technology that algorithmically monitors your heart rate and detects certain cardiac irregularities that could potentially lead up to catastrophic events.

#2: FlyFit

Worn as an ankle bracelet, and giving you the accessibility to monitor your stats anytime and anywhere, FlyFit tracks your leg movements while you are running, cycling, jogging, swimming, and other cardio activities. Even more, this ankle bracelet can also track your sleep pattern so you can keep up with your overall quality of sleep.

#3: Motorized Smart Belt Belty

This belly lifestyle and wellness device is great for individuals who desire that tight belly appearance and want to change unhealthy lifestyle practices. The Motorized Smart Belt Belty automatically loosens or tightens depending on your waist size, and ensures your comfort level while sitting or standing. One of its main and essential features is its ability to provide great vibes with its increased walking rhythm and its invitation for to obtain better lifestyle habits, with two of them being a reminder to drink more water and challenging you to climb stairs more powerfully.

#4: Jins Meme Smart Glasses

This technical eye wear device is the technology advancement of the ability to look within ourselves, which makes it an effective yoga wear. Its main feature, while wearing it during your yoga sessions, includes the capacity to look within yourself and acquire insight to your different emotional states, supporting a healthy body and mind. These new glasses track your eye movements and provides judgment about your yoga activities in addition to irregular yoga habits such as your posture and balance. Best of all, these smart glasses’ unisex spectacles may even be the key to decreasing car accident rates as it monitors your fatigue level based on your number of blinks, followed by offering you an alert that you are not in any condition to drive.

#5: Yoo 2 Bluetooth Smart Activity Tracker

No, this is not a Bluetooth device to have a conversation on your mobile phone. This is something even better. Your motivation to a more active lifestyle has finally arrived! Worn on your ears, the Yoo 2 Bluetooth provides you with an entertaining way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is your personal gaming system in which your active self competes with your inactive self. The objective of the game is to earn points and rewards for being active, which the Yoo 2 Bluetooth will track. On the downside, you will earn revenge points for being inactive. Maintaining that healthy lifestyle has just become interesting.
As it is now obvious, as time progresses, our technology is also advancing. In addition to the many wrist-wearing devices, the consumer technology market is also making way to more advanced non-wrist devices that perform the same functions as the wrist wearables or even better. In addition to these five advancing non-wrist devices, other new gadgets are excitingly making a welcoming entrance into our lives, with their main purposes being to offer us health-giving improvements.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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