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A Listener’s Windows 10 Upgrade Getting Confused

Windows 10

Chris took us back in IFA History with the history of TV’s beginnings:

In 1939, the United States became the third country, after Germany and Great Britain, to begin regular television broadcasts. President Roosevelt himself started the broadcast during the World Exhibition in New York. As television had become a reality, the Big German Radio Show which had started in 1924 to make radio reception and the necessary machinery popular, was renamed in 1939  and became “The Big German Radio and Television Exhibition”, making it the first television show in the world and the show that would later become the Internationale FunkAusstellung. Today IFA is still the number one show.

Bill in Jackson, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk 93.7 FM asked:

I’ve got an eMachines. Bought it several years ago. Got a TB of storage. I’m trying to get Windows 10 but it’s saying I’m not qualified for it. It says I’m on Windows 7 Home edition, but I’ve had it say I was on XP. I have no idea what to do about it.


Without looking at your computer it’s really impossible to tell you exactly what’s going on, but it sounds to us like your machine came with Windows XP on it and you installed a Windows 7 Home Edition as an upgrade.

When you upgrade, Windows 7 would have offered you a choice. You could replace the old version of Windows, or you could upgrade by creating a new boot volume, leaving the old one in place. If you selected that option, then it’s possible the Windows 10 upgrade validator is seeing the XP operating system and failing. Windows XP did not qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows XP did not qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft would tell you to go back to your OEM, but eMachines ceased operations in 2013. So you don’t have any options there. If you are determined to put Windows 10 on this computer, what you would need to do is purchase an OEM copy of Windows (Windows 8, not 8.1, because Windows 8 has the correct Personal User Rights to make this all nice and legal). During the upgrade process, you can show your Windows OEM DVD to the upgrade advisor and the upgrade should proceed.

But honestly, do you really want to put Windows 10 on a computer this old? Windows 7 isn’t broken, there’s nothing that Windows 10 is going to do on your computer that will change your world, and this is shaping up to be a big headache. We’d recommend continuing with Windows 7 and then just buying a new computer that comes with Windows 10, when you can afford it.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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