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Acer Brings Us Remote Access To Our Pets At IFA 2016

Have you ever gotten a pet but secretly wished you had gotten a video game instead?

Pawbo Plus© by Pawbo

Acer introduced the Pawbo+

Pawbo is a recently acquired Acer subsidiary, and it’s showing off the Pawbo+ at IFA 2016.

The Pawbo+ is designed to help pet owners who have to leave their pets at home during the day to not only keep an eye on them, but interact with them too.

It is obviously internet enabled, and iOS and Android compatible, and it features a 130-degree 720p camera, an oval-shaped designed that the company thinks will sit stylishly in any corner (and who doesn’t decorate with ostrich eggs?), a speaker, a microphone (for when you want to baby talk the day away while carefully hidden in a bathroom stall to hide your shame), a laser pointer, and a treat dispenser.


The Pawbo+ will soon be able to be paired with four accessories: a flash (in case you’re the type to leave you living animals in complete darkness), the Munch -an additional treat dispenser, and two more active games: the Catch and the Punch, which are a cat toy and a whack-a-mole type of game.

Pricing and availability

You can get your hands/paws on a Pawbo+ on September 1st for $169, which includes free shipping. The fear that you’re about to hear “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave’s cat” comes standard.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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