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Amazon’s September 2021 Announcements

Amazon's creepy spy robot© by

Amazon announced a new batch of products and updates to their existing product lines.

Here are some of Amazon’s announcements:

A home assistant robot called Astro

  • It can help with home security monitoring, act as a mobile device, and more. 
  • It has a 10-inch touchscreen that can show a “face,” 
  • it scoots around your house on wheels.
  • You can request an invite to buy it as part of Amazon’s Day 1 Edition program
  •  $999.99.

Echo Show 15 and Echo Glow

  • Echo Show 15
    • Their Biggest Display yet
    • 15.6-inch, 1080p HD display
    • Meant to hang on a wall
    • Designed to be a shared hub for families
    • Facial recognition, so it knows who is in front of it for personalized recommendations, reminders, and more
    • Available later this year at $249
  • Echo Glow
    • Videoconferencing device designed for kids
    • Eight-inch display to see friends or family members
    • Touch-sensitive tabletop projector gadget that can be used to play games, read books, and make art.
    • Will have content from Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, and Sesame Workshop
    • You can apply to the early access program, and if you’re selected, you can buy it for $250.
    • When it is released to a wider audience, it will cost $300.

Halo View

  • A new Fitbit-like fitness band with a color AMOLED display
  • $79.99 and comes with a full year of a Halo subscription membership and it will start shipping “in time for the holidays.”

Disney coming to Alexa And Alexa To Disney

  • Amazon and Disney announced a new voice assistant called “Hey Disney,” which is built on Alexa.
  • Offers a lot of Disney-themed Alexa experiences
  • Will also be available in Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms
  • The “Hey Disney” assistant is “expected next year,” though it’s a paid skill unless you are staying at one of the resorts.

Smart Home and Security Updates


Amazon announced several updates to their home automation and security products.

  • Smart Thermostat
    • Works with Alexa in partnership with Honeywell Home
    • $50 – can be pre-ordered now
  • Last year, Amazon revealed the Always Home Cam, which puts a Ring camera on a drone.
    • If you’re interested in getting one, you can apply for an invite starting now.
    • The drone costs $249.99.
  • Ring Alarm Pro
    • Combines a Ring Alarm base station with an Eero Wi-Fi 6 router
    • Can serve as an all-in-one base station for your smart home
    • Supports a feature called Ring Edge, which can process video from a connected Ring camera on the Alarm Pro
    • Available for pre-order starting at $250
  • Virtual Security Guard
    • Subscription service that lets a third-party company watch for motion events on your outdoor Ring cameras
    • You can apply for “Early Access” now
  • Ring Video Doorbells are finally getting the ability to alert you about a package.
  • Ring Jobsite Security
    • Security system designed for construction sites
    • Partnership with Home Depot
    • Can be pre-ordered for $400
  • Three new Blink products
    • Blink Video Doorbell, which costs $49.99
    • Blink Floodlight Camera mount, which starts at $39.99
    • Blink Solar Panel Mount, which costs $129.98 and comes bundled with a Blink Outdoor security camera
  • Amazon’s new Alexa Together remote care subscription service will replace the free Alexa Care Hub in 2022
    • Adds new features like compatibility with fall detection services
    • Alexa Together will cost $19.99 per month, and you can try it for free for six months. 
    • If you’re a current Care Hub subscriber, you’ll get a year of Alexa Together for free.
  • Amazon’s new Custom Sound Detection will let users teach Alexa custom sounds, which could be useful to let you set smart home routines or trigger alerts.

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