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Amazon Fire TV Stick And The Alexa App

Jamie in Tampa, Florida sent us his views on the Amazon Fire and Alexa

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Jamie asked: “I find it really interesting that the Alexa Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t allow you to connect the Fire Stick to your Alexa App. I attempted to do this and the worst part is, if you want to listen to a song it tells you that you have to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited and the worst part is you can’t just tell Alexa to cancel the free trial, you have to go on your Amazon and to the settings and all that junk. So, that’s my tech rage.”


Jamie, Amazon will let you use Alexa-enabled Echo speakers to control Fire TV sticks, but not the app. The app is basically just the setup menu for the Alexa. You can use Alexa to control Fire TV devices, but you access Alexa through an Echo-enabled speaker, not through the app.

As for Amazon Music Unlimited being required, Amazon hardware is cheap because they’re selling you access to their paid services, they just selling you a highway that you can’t really use without going through a toll booth. That’s the point of Echo devices.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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