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Archiving Emails On An External Drive

Debbie in Windsor, Ontario Canada listens on AM800 CKLW asked us about archiving emails


Debbie asked: “Trying to understand how to archive my e-mails. I have an external hard drive. I wanted basically to save all my e-mail on that external hard drive and then delete them from the computer. Is that possible?”

Debbie, it is possible, but how you do it depends on what email software you’re using.

If you want to archive externally so you can delete from your computer, you must be using some kind of email client rather than webmail. Each client will handle it a little bit differently.

Outlook will let you export a .PST data file containing all of your emails by simply going to the “Import/Export” option.

Thunderbird will usually require you to install an extension to easily export to a .EML file.

There are many, many more clients, each with their own methods.

Without knowing which client you’re using, we can’t give you specifics, but what you’re trying to do can be done, and it could help you free up an awful lot of hard drive space if your archive go back several years.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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