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Reading is a favorite past time of many and with the current conditions keeping people at home, more are becoming fans of the hobby.

Enjoying reading doesn’t have to be confined to just a book or magazine in your hand in your hand ..

These days you can find most anything you want online and books are no exception.

People of all ages discover fascinating people, places and events awaiting them whenever they read.

Dozens of places offer digital versions of books so you can enjoy a reading adventure on your favorite digital device.

There are places you can purchase books, some at no charge, to keep on your device forever and you can also rent them from various sources including your local library.

Reading to kids is very important and with schools back in session there are many online book sites designed just for them. 

With many kids online learning, school districts are granting access to some of these cool sites to both virtual and in person students. 

There are also sites available where you can rent or purchase textbooks if you have a need for those as well and some of them even let you sell your used textbooks.

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Happy Reading!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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