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CES 2020 Part 3 – Hour 1

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Hour 1 Guests Include:

Scott in Kilgore, Texas listens on KTBB and asked: “I’m looking for a Bluetooth transmitter. I would like to be able to transmit a signal over Bluetooth so unlimited users in my venue can connect to the signal and listen to the transmission. Wondering if that is possible and if there’s a transmitter I could purchase to make that happen.”

Scott, you’re looking at the wrong technology. Depending on what you’re looking to do, you may be better off looking into something like the headphones used in silent dance parties and similar events, but those run off of different radio waves, not Bluetooth.

Bluetooth will let you connect a nearly unlimited number of devices, but only in the sense of “adding them to the list of known devices”, as long as you transmitted can store them, the Bluetooth standard won’t argue.

When it comes to live connected devices actually exchanging data with your transmitter, the maximum number set by the standard is reasonably for what Bluetooth does, but it is low. It’s 7 to be precise. 

Bluetooth is meant to create point-to-point connections in which devices talk to each other rather than truly broadcast a signal, so it is the wrong technology for what you seem to be trying to do and you will have to look elsewhere if you want it to work well.

Andrea in Windsor Ontario listens on AM800 CKLW – calling in via the App and asked: Why is my iPhone 6s shutting down all the time? This is recent. All the uploads are on. It just keeps shutting off periodically. Also, I looked and the battery is good. It’s driving me crazy.

Andrea, there are a couple of things that can cause a phone to shut down seemingly at random. It’d be hard for the operating system itself to be causing it, but you can try resetting the phone to factory settings if you’re desperate enough to put up with setting it up from scratch again.

The most likely causes are hardware faults, the battery is of course the most obvious one with an old phone like an iPhone 6s but you say you’ve ruled that out.

Any crack in any board can cause random shutdowns as well, if that’s the cause there’s really not very much you can do about it, you won’t be able to replace the main internal components of your phone for a price that makes more sense than replacing the phone itself.

Given that it’s an iPhone, taking it into an Apple Store for diagnosis would probably be smart, even if you don’t want to spend the money to fix it there, they will probably be able to tell you what the source of the problem is and you can make your decision based on that. If a reset to factory settings doesn’t work and it is a hardware problem, keep in mind that it may not be worth fixing.

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