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Connecting External Speakers To A TV

Annette in Sanford, North Carolina listens on WPTF 680 and asked us about connecting speakers to her TV

Annette asked: “I have a flat screen TV and I have Bose speakers. I’m trying to connect the flatscreen to the Bose but I don’t know what type of connector I need.”


Annette, Bose makes a lot of different speakers and they don’t all take the same inputs, but almost all of them have a 3.5mm stereo input.

If yours does, your TV will probably have an RCA stereo output, so an RCA to Stereo 3.5mm cable would do the trick for you. The cable itself will be inexpensive, you can find them online for a couple of dollars for a long enough cable, or you can pick them up at stores from BestBuy to Lowes or Home Depot. They’ll probably cost a little more there, but you’ll still most likely be looking at less than $10 for the cable.

Depending on your TV and your speakers, you may also be able to connect them via Bluetooth, some newer TVs have that feature, as do most new speakers, but that depends on the models you own. If yours can do that, it’d be as easy as putting them both into pairing mode and selecting the speakers from some menu on the TV, and it would be free.



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Written by Dave Graveline

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