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Controlling An AV Receiver With A Computer

Rod in Rigby, Idaho wants to control his AV receiver from Windows 10

Yamaha AV Receiver

Rod asked: “I have a Yamaha RN500 receiver that I enjoy. I use the iphone app as well as the Kindle Fire app to control it. But there are times it would be nice to be able to control it from my computer. Is there an app that I can download to my Windows 10 computer that can control this receiver?”


Look into an app called “Yamaha AV Controller,” it’s compatible with Windows 10 and it will let you control most WiFi enabled Yamaha receivers.

You can also type your receiver’s IP address into your browser’s address bar and try your luck, some models will just let you adjust settings, but other will let you control the device as well. It may not work, and if it does it probably won’t look as polished, but if it gives you playback options, it may be an easy way to get what you’re after.

Just a couple of days ago we got a press release about a brand new Yamaha receiver, the RX-V381 capable 4K passthrough and 4K upscaling. If you’re interested in moving to Yamaha’s latest receiver, it will cost you $300.

You don’t need this receiver to use the app we mentioned earlier though, we’re just bringing it up because it was just released and some listeners may be in the market for a less expensive 4K-capable receiver as UltraHD TVs become more and more common.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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