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Dashcam Recommendations For A Listener

Rick in Mobile, Alabama asked about dashcams


Rick asked: “What is the best dash cam for my pickup truck? I travel a lot.”


Rick, we haven’t really tried any that has worked very well for the long term, for some reason they all seem to stop working eventually. We can give you some ideas though.

Cobra’s CDR 895 D is interesting in that it isn’t a dash camera, it’s a dash cam and a rear view camera system. The CDR 895 features a 2 inch screen and dedicated buttons to take stills and save a video clip. The clips themselves are 3 minutes in length, and the older ones are automatically overwritten as the memory fills up.

The video is shot in 1080p resolution only by the front camera, the rear camera shoots at 720p, and it’s optimized for nighttime recording. Like many of these cameras the CDR 895 comes with a motion sensor that can detect collisions, and can detect motion visually as well and start recording even if the car is parked, in case anyone is trying to break into the vehicle while the owner is away.

It’s a dash cam and a rear view camera system

The Cobra CDR 895 D retails for about $230.

Another front and rear system is the Blackcam BCH-1000. It also shoots in 1080p towards the front and 720p towards the back. The front unit comes with a larger 3.5” touchscreen, and it that can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees.

The BCH-1000 also comes with a motion sensor and it will record when the car is bumped by another car while parking. It also comes with GPS, which may come in handy for those that spot an accident and save a clip.

A more unique feature of the BCH-1000 is lane departure warning. It can tell when the driver is drifting into other lanes and it sends out an alert.

\The Blackcam BCH-1000 retails for about $340.

If you want to try for a less expensive camera, the FalconZero F170HD+ is only $100 but it’s a dash cam only, no rear component. It also records 1080p video, and it also features motion detection to record parking incidents.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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