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Dealing With A Satellite-Local Station Feud

Dennis in Tupelo, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk and asked about getting the channels he wants to watch

Sony 4K TV With HDR

Dennis asked: “My satellite provider has just gone to war with two of my local stations. I don’t want to miss programming that I am paying for. Is there a best way to get those programs? I have tried an indoor antenna and it just doesn’t work. I’d like your recommendation on a way to receive local programming and be able to record that programming.”



Unfortunately you are being used as a bargaining chip in a squabble over dollars between two rich companies, and there is very little you can do. Over the air broadcast signals can’t be rebroadcast on any service without paying the station who aired the signal.

In some major markets, streaming devices are just now beginning to offer local affiliates

In some major markets, streaming devices are just now beginning to offer local affiliates with some of their service packages. However, Tupelo isn’t on any of those lists that we’ve seen. Elvis would not be pleased.

So your choices really are limited to an Over The Air antenna, which you’ve tried and it didn’t work, or a subscription to a cable or satellite company that is rebroadcasting the local affiliates. We will put a link in our show notes to a great online article listing 5 ways to get the best performance out of your indoor antenna. Perhaps one of their tips can help you improve your reception. Good luck!

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Written by Dave Graveline

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