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Are RFID Wallets Worth The Purchase?

Gordon in West Palm Beach, Florida asked us about RFID wallets


Gordon asked: “I’m curious about identify theft getting worse nowadays. Are the RFID wallets worth the investment? Or can I put a piece of foil on both sides of my wallet, encompassing my credit cards so they can’t be used? Maybe something of the same for purses?”


Gordon, if you’re concerned about anyone reading your RFID cards a RFID blocking wallet will probably make more sense than trying to line your current one.

Foil won’t necessarily work, it might, but if your cards have good enough antennas they may very well get through the weak shielding the foil would provide.

You can make your own RFID blocking wallet out of thicker aluminum, think closer to a soda can, but considering you can buy an aluminum RFID blocking wallet for as little as $5 online, it may not be worth the effort.

You can make your own RFID blocking wallet out of thicker aluminum

One thing we should mention is that RFID skimming has been demonstrated more than once, but it doesn’t seem to have become a problem in the real world, so we don’t really know if it’s something that can easily be replicated in the wild. So far it hasn’t really been an issue, but as RFID cards, passports, and tags in general become more and more common, we may see that change.

For, we’d say that if you can live with an ugly and somewhat bulky aluminum wallet, it should block the signal from going anywhere.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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