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Digital Memories

Lots of memories are being made with graduations, Mother’s and Father’s day and many other special events.

Capturing those memories has never been easier thanks to tech.

Whether you’re using your smartphone or a high class camera, you can take pictures and use many tech tools to enhance, keep and share them!

Most smartphones come with editing tools to enhance your photos or add some extra touches.

There are also plenty of apps, both free and for a fee, that you can upload your pictures and edit them with filters, text, animations, stickers, frames and most any way you can think of.

You can do the same for videos that you’d like to edit.

Smartphones and apps also allow you to then share your pictures and videos via text message, email and social media as well as saving them to your cloud or device.

A favorite of many are digital photo frames where you can upload your favorite pictures to display and they will rotate to display lots of them.

You can create custom pictures that are great for gifts or just to add to your family photo collection. Many online sites allow you to choose anything from simple prints to custom cards and announcements and even cute photo books and will ship them to you. You can also send your creations to your local retailer for you to pick up.

Wishing you amazing memories to cherish and share!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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