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Does BlueStacks Need An Antivirus? Plus, Tracking A Stolen Samsung Phone, And Security Cameras For A Home

Security Cameras

Jerry in Detroit, Michigan listens on CKLW 800 AM asked:

“I want to thank you for recommending Blue Stacks. I ended up being exactly what I needed.- Can I install another Antivirus software on BlueStacks or will that interfere with the Windows 10 antivirus?”


Blue Stacks is basically an emulator, that means that it runs like a computer within a computer, it’s separate from your real computer so your Windows 10 antivirus shouldn’t care too much about your Blue Stacks antivirus, but it could complain when Blue Stacks is active.

The thing is, you really shouldn’t need a Blue Stacks antivirus, Android works differently from Windows, and viruses can’t just spread from one app to another unless the operating system is rooted. You should be safe without the second antivirus.

Melanie in North Carolina asked:

“1st- thanks for the information about tracking my sons iPhone actions!!
2nd- my note 3 was stolen. I’m assuming there is no way to track it/find it…
3rd- what is an inexpensive option to set up a camera monitoring system in your home ?”


  1. You’re welcome, Melanie!
  2. Android device tracking through something called Android Device Manager is enabled by default on Android phones. It’s a Google service, and you just need to log in with the Google account you used to set up your phone, and you should be able to tell where your phone is. That is the good news, the bad news is that locking and erasing your device remotely is turned off by default, so you may not be able to keep others from trying to use it, and you may not be able to erase the data off of your device to protect it, but at least you’ll likely be able to tell where it is. 
  3. About cameras for your home, depending on how many cameras you want and how much work you’re willing to do, it can be reasonably inexpensive. If you don’t want to run cables, you can pick up a wireless camera setup from FLIR which will cost you around $170 for 2 cameras and a screen that acts as a recorder as well. You can add up to 2 more cameras to the system, but that’s extra.Now, Melanie, if you are willing to run cables, for roughly $400 you can get 16 cameras and a 1TB recorder from Night Owl. It tends to take more work for this wired system but you won’t have to worry about if your wireless network is up or down. Now If inexpensive is the main requirement, you should think about how long you want the cameras to record. The DVR (digital video recorder) storage is part of what will jack up the price. Don’t get more storage than you need and you’ll likely save some money.

    If you can go for fewer cameras right now, but choose a system that will let you add more later, that may be a way to spread out the cost over a longer time and make it less expensive right now. Of course, doing your own installation will save you money too, and it will mostly just consist of running wires, it won’t be complicated, just labor intensive.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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