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Don’t ignore your smartphone’s pleas for back up  …

With the recent World Backup Day it is a good reminder that we all should make sure to not snooze or dismiss those annoying back up reminders. 

Many times you upgrade your phone and need to transfer information only to find you never backed that information up. Even worse is having to replace that tech because of damage and losing all of the above which probably also includes all of your contacts.

Taking just a few minutes every day to make sure your phone is backed up will save lots of lost hours of important information.

Keeping backed up also ensures you have the latest software updates which will allow your phone to work to the best of it’s ability as well as updating important apps like safety and maintenance features.

You can go into your settings and set a recurring backup so that you will always be protected. Since people average hundreds of photos, videos, messages and contacts a day on their phone, a daily backup is best to protect your most important things.

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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