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First Alerts Via Tech …

Crazy acts of Mother Nature, can be seen all over from record snows to falling Iguanas, and with the help of your favorite tech you can be ready.

We are lucky to have so many sources for weather warnings these days and before you head out to work or play be sure you check what’s in store for you. 

Many smartphones have a built-in weather app where you can choose your location and know at a glance what the weather is like for your area. 

You can also download a weather app that will give you your local weather along with features like hourly conditions, radar maps and so much more to help you stay safe during bad weather. 

Weather conditions for your travel plans can be found in the Apps as well so you can plan a perfect trip.

Sign up for emergency alerts within the apps and have them text, call or email you with severe weather alerts. 

Always have an emergency kit ready, which you can find many lists for online, and don’t forget to include power packs for your tech and use it to update family and friends with social media posts in the event of power failures.

Wishing all of our friends safe weather and inviting you to download our FREE Into Tomorrow App for cool tech alerts and prizes

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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