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Getting The Best Picture Quality Out Of Your TV, And Quicker Ways To Give Disney Your Money

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Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to talk about how to get the best picture quality from your TV set:

The first one noise reduction. “Hey,” you might argue, “why do I want to turn off noise reduction? I don’t want to see any noise on my TV!” That would seem to make sense, except it doesn’t. Noise was a bigger issue with older analog TVs, and especially with lower-definition analog signals. And, yes, when TVs upconvert video signals from lesser-quality sources you may see still some noise. But for the most part, you’re getting much cleaner, higher-quality digital source content these days, whether its over-the-air digital broadcasts, high-def signals from cable and satellite TV services, or pristine video from Blu-ray discs.

The problem with engaging noise reduction is that it comes at the expense of detail and fine texture—these tend to get smoothed over when the feature is active. Turn off noise reduction and you’ll have more picture detail and a more natural-looking image.

Another is Sharpness Control/Edge Enhancement. Another denizen of the “sounds good, but really isn’t” department is sharpness control, which oxymoronically doesn’t actually make the image sharper. What it really does is artificially boost fine detail and texture, while accentuating the edges of images in the picture.

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For Into Tomorrow, James McQueen – Consumer Reports

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Written by Dave Graveline

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