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Google Home and Amazon Echo Vs. Chromecast and Fire TV

Nowadays, watching TV does not require a remote in some circumstances. After a tiresome day, you feel like reaching for a remote to watch TV is the hardest thing you can do. But, if you can control your TV by voice instead, then watching TV would not be a big deal. Google and Amazon give voice remotes for TV controls through their attached speakers. Google Home has offered voice controls for Chromecast through its Google Home speakers while Amazon Echo added up fire TV voice controls to the echo speakers. Both of them have led to home automation that allows you to take full control of your TV without even touching the remote. However, which is the best, Google Home and Amazon Echo vs. Chromecast and Fire TV?


Playback Controls

Both Amazon Alexa/Fire television are Google Home/chrome cast back the basics, such as pause, play, rewind and forwarding fast. You can use the voice to first forward or reverse by a certain number of minutes; can even pass over to the following episode. Both devices switch off the rays when you want to watch a specific episode or season. When you ask Amazon Echo to take you to the next season, it does that. However, if you ask Google Home for the same thing, it frankly tells you that it cannot do that yet. Google home has some advantages now: you can tell it to turn locked titles on and off, and you can tell it to reduce the volume from your televisions present level.



With one Google Home, you can operate any chrome cast all over the house. The Google Home app for iOS and Android allows you to connect multiple chrome gadgets to the speaker and you can format customs device name to use your voice commands. On the other hand, Amazon echo device must be allocated to an individual fire television, through the Alexa app on iOS or Android. This technique allows for shorter speech commands because you do not have to identify which gadget you are managing, but it will not work for specific setups. For example, a big lower ground floor with many televisions in between earshot of an echo.

Searching Programs to Watch

Fire television has an imaginary advantage because if you want to use voice search, the search results appear on the television screen. Though asking Google Home to propose movies or programs, it only gives you less spoken choices through the speaker, and nothing shows on the TV via chromecast.

TV and A/V Controls

With Google Home smart speaker, you can use voice commands to play Netflix movies on chromecast gadgets including chrome cast enabled TVs. You just have to utter some words and the TV will switch on and start playing movies even if you had started watching a series and you did not finish. If you request the TV, it will continue from where you left on. But, you cannot use spoken commands to play a certain episode of a certain season, but you can go onto the next episode. Nevertheless, while using the Alexa voice feature of Amazon’s speaker to control Dish Hopper, it can control a television once the Dish satellite is activated in the Alexa app, all you have to do is say what you want. It can understand some spoken commands, for example, you can tell it to change the channel or go to a specific channel, and it will do so without delay. Amazon now offers developer tools that allow any TV or A/V manufacturer producer to fix Alexa controls straight into their work.


In conclusion, even if Google Home has offered voice remote TV controls, it has a slight advantage. On the other hand, Amazon Echo is more superior because of its volumes and locked-title controls, and the way it backs up Netflix and YouTube. Amazon Echo on fire TV seems the best option because it has many advantages.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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