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High Tech Study Habits

With many kids used to online learning tools these days, technology is playing it’s biggest part in helping.

You can utilize apps like Quizlet that feature study guides, flash cards, and even practice tests right at your fingertips 

Hop online for a virtual study group or chat session where you can ask questions and get input from your peers.

Whether you’re a student looking for help or a parent looking for answers, do a search for the subject you are working on where you’ll find things like videos and step by step instructions, letting you know things like how to do a math problem, what main points to put in an essay, scientific methods and most any other academic question you have.

Schools will also list helpful tips and instructions as well as links to approved sites.

Be sure when you’re online, after homework, you study up on the latest in consumer tech with us by downloading our FREE Into Tomorrow App and Asking Dave!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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